• Image of Handmade toy hare wearing his striped linen shorts
  • Image of Handmade toy hare wearing his striped linen shorts

This hare is handmade from light grey super soft brushed cotton and velvet, in my studio on the Isle of Wight. Being a laid back kind of guy, he wears a denim jacket over a red and white t shirt and a pair of linen shorts. And just in case he gets chilly he sports a teeny weenie beanie to keep his head warm. Everyone knows how stylish hares are, but this one is particularly so with his real leather handmade satchel.

He’ll make the perfect gift for any hare loving child or adult. And because you know exactly where they are made you can give a gift knowing it’s sustainable and long lasting. We’re talking heirlooms here, not landfill.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own child, or any other child in your life, or just for yourself you can give this one knowing that you’re giving a gift that won’t need to be tidied away at the end of the day. This is a gift of a stylish, beautiful hare that will bring a playfulness and joy to any corner of a home. He’s made to be played with, but he’s also made to look good!

My inspiration for all my creatures comes from my own childhood obsessions with nature and birds, The Famous Five and the wild Dungeness coastline. And in recent years by the incredible island I now call home.

I make creatures that will evoke childhood memories for the grown up children, and create childhood memories for the children of today.

Need To Know:

This hare is made from 100% l brushed cotton , with velvet lined ears.
His eyes are hand embroidered.
He is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester stuffing and has no hard parts.
The clothing is fully removable and made with a professional finish.
Other outfits are available to order separately.

From the tip of his ears to his tippy toes, he stands tall at 22″ high.

Because he is crafted from cotton and velvet he can only be spot washed.
His clothing can be hand washed at a low temperature but should not be tumble dried.